Every painting tells its own story.

Every creation has its own reason.

Every change leads to evolution.

Every evolution always starts from a reflection, in which our critical thinking makes us reconsider the status quo and guides us, almost deceptively, towards change.

A Re-volution from which an E-volution is born. Our Evolution.

An intimate evolution, a one-way street, from which there is no turning back.

However, change is not always welcomed by those who remain anchored to an immovable reality, to a reality that is always the same, like a still image you cannot take your eyes off.

For this reason, at first, the concept of this painting has been misunderstood, misinterpreted, not accepted.

I wanted to walk away from the stillness that too often surrounds me, so I decided to put a stroke through this picture. I dismantled it. To protect it. So that it would not be trampled on and would not become an Involution.

From this I have learned a lesson, one I will take with me, and will continue to influence my creations: Evolution must always be pushed forward at any cost.

Revolution is intimidating. Evolution is scary.

A conscious Evolution, be it social, moral, civil, or personal, can only take place after experiencing and overcoming obstacles such as wars, pandemics, miseries, inner hardships, depressions, pains.

In my work, the blue, the red, the black represent the hardships each one of us faces. But I deeply believe in the immense beauty of life, I know that there is always a way out, and that an arrow heading upwards indicates the way to Evolution. An evolution towards white, towards rebirth, the new.

An Evolution can also be inspired by simple things. A desire, a dream, a sincere friendship, like the one that binds me to Eleonora, Ida and Daniela. I sincerely hope they will continue to follow the path of Evolution.

An evolution towards a wider, higher dimension, towards the newfound purity.

An Evolution that I also wish for each one of you.

Alfredo Avagliano


I have been attracted to drawing and colours since I was a child. It is my deep passion and from an early age I attended the studio of an elderly painter. From him I learned and developed my own, as children do, first artistic notions. After school, my penchant for art became more intense and visceral. So, I decided to attend free courses at the Academy of Fine Arts and that is how I started my real artistic activity, with the staging of collective and personal exhibitions. I exhibited in an increasing number of Italian cities: Latina, Rome, Milan, Scafati, Torre Annunziata, Pompeii, Sorrento. Thanks to this journey, my passion grew and changed with me, as I became a man. At the same time, my experience was enriched more and more every day, and the consensus began to spread like wildfire, often leaving me in disbelief, but deeply happy. The Italian successes paved the way to opening new doors and I began to look at art also in the international field. The intense reflection that I have always dedicated to my creations, combined with the spontaneity, typical of my artistic expression, has led me to embrace in a sometimes insolent way, as the child who is still in me, the ideas and principles that have always been dear to my heart and in which I have always believed. Soon stimulating collaborations with artists in the international arena began. I participated with them, in exhibitions and artistic activities aimed at defending principles and concepts that are precious today, such as the protection of human rights and the defence of the integrity and independence of the artistic and human values of everyone.

I have fully supported the values of associations such as Aiapi – International Association of Figurative Arts,  of which I am currently the manager, and of  Spazio Tempo Arte, created under the auspices of UNESCO and aimed at guaranteeing the right to free artistic expression and contributing to the defence of national artistic heritage..

I have been a member of the jury at the selections of the Rome Biennale.

Below are some exhibitions and reference activities:

Lecce (Primo Piano Living Gallery),  Capri, (Cerio Archaeological Museum),  Sorrento  (Cloister of  St. Francis),  Teano  (Maui Museum),   Rome  (Bramante Hall, Il  Bracolo Gallery, Foundry of the Arts, Personal  Show Hotel Area, Macro Museum,  Guruba Garage),  Naples  (Merliani Gallery, Church of San Severo al Pendino, Terminal Maritime Station, Castel del Ovo, Former Filangieri Orphanage), Bergamo (Cividini Museum), Nice  (Monteoliveto Gallery, the Italian Consulate), Rocca (Maui Roccamonfina Museum), Brussels (Espace Equilibrus), Cremona  (Provincial Gallery), Latina  (Personal Omegagrafica Exhibition),  Faenza  (Palace of Exhibitions),  Caserta  (City House/Palace of Caserta),  Roccamonfina  (opening of the Magma Museum). Pompeii (Gracco Museum), Agropoli (Medieval Castle), Rovereto (Fondazione Campana dei Caduti), Siena (Siena Art Institute, Paul Getty III Foundation), Nazzano (River Museum), Benevento (Museum of Contemporary Art of Sannio Arcos), Boscoreale (Vesevus Institute), Aversa (Kouros Gallery) “Rassegna Itinerari d’arte in Terra di lavoro” started in October 2014, for a year (Riardo, Maddaloni, Capua, San Leucio), Sorrento Plan (Villa Fondi), Vigevano (Palazzo Merula), Catanzaro (Modà Gallery), Cosenza-Altomonte (Civic Museum), Castellammare di Stabia (Museo Diocesano), Rovereto (Fondazione Campana dei Caduti), Matera  (Premio Lupo),  Sulmona  (Maw Gallery), Prato (Civic Gallery).

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